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The trend for foreign exchange marketing nowadays is employing the technology of the internet. There are some companies that offer automated Foreign Exchange brokers for the convenience of traders, dealers and the company as well.

There are many features that automated FOREX brokers offer. From exchange rates to real-time account monitoring; all of which are informative facts that help Foreign Exchange enthusiasts.

The GFT FOREX is an automated FOREX broker that features the DealBook FX2 software. This software offers FOREX investors a demo and live FOREX trading tools in order to trade effectively in the currency market. The FX2 software also offers direct access, 24 hours a day, to a few of the market’s most tight spreads through a secure, individual FOREX trading platform.

The software, DealBook FX2 features live deal-able price quotes, free real-time financial and world news, real-time figures, FOREX charts, numerous technical indicators. The software also allows the investors to crate their own indicators as well.

GCI Financial is also an automated FOREX broker which provides a trading software that monitors real-time prices offered in 20 major currencies. Live charts and real-time profit and losses account monitoring are also featured by the software. A demo of this software is also offered for speculating traders and investors. One of the best qualities and features of the GCI software is that it offers market order confirmations within seconds after a client has clicked onto the prices.

Some automated FOREX brokers use FX3K which is an online dealing and trading FOREX platform. The FX3K features charting, real-time quotes, news and technical analysis guidelines and tools. The FX3K FOREX platform assimilates the dealer, client, systems administrator and back office functions. Other features such as fast client-order execution, facilitates monitoring of real-time margin accessibility, open positions for profit and loss, and net disclosure. Chat options are also offered by FX3K to enable traders and dealers to communicate.

Another FOREX trading platform used by automated FOREX brokers is the COESfx-Level-1. The COESfx functions as an electronic currency network that allows brokers to execute the best prices for sellers and buyers of foreign currencies. The features of COESfx include: live, executable prices to trade; the best quotes from price traders and providers. Partner banks, introducing brokers, futures commission merchants, fund execs and other traders are the cohorts within the Electronic Currency Network of COESfx; this network is where COESfx currency pricing is drawn from.

Speculating traders and dealers have the option to where they can trade their currencies through the many FOREX trading platforms offered on the internet. But the aforementioned are the most reputable and most suggested due to the many features that are geared towards the satisfaction and necessity of traders and clients.

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